About us

All of our dogs and Golden Retrievers Puppies are raised in a family environment. Our Golden Retrievers socialization program begins when the pups are around 1 week of age. Our staff spends time with each pup, holding them and checking the progress of each individual puppy.

The Golden Retrievers Puppies are assigned different color collars and temporary names, which helps differentiate personalities as they progress through the early stages of development. Around the 3 weeks old mark, the puppies are introduced to different surfaces (cement, wood flooring, tile, carpet,

grass. etc.). We have a large outdoor play area on the grass which becomes the puppies' play area in warm weather months.

During the colder winter months, our 2,200 sq. ft. facility becomes the puppy socialization/play area. We have found that with this one-on-one time that our staff offer, the Golden Retrievers Puppies grow into a more confident and more easily trained dog. We have dogs of all ages that interact with the young puppies as they grow also play a vital role in their development.

The puppies are dewormed 3 times (4 weeks, 5½ weeks, and 7 weeks). At 6½ to 7 weeks of age, the puppies are checked by a veterinarian and given their initial vaccination. We welcome visitors at all times during the puppy growth process; however, selecting a puppy does not occur until the pickup weekend.

The puppies are ready to go to their forever homes at the 8-week-old point. The process for selecting puppies is based on the order in which deposits are received. The majority of pickups occur on the weekends to accommodate most of our long-distance new puppy owners. Our energetic, friendly, and courteous staff is of great assistance during the puppy selection process, sharing their knowledge of each puppy's temperament and personality.

​Each Golden Retrievers Puppies goes home with their puppy bag, which contains all the AKC paperwork, hip x-ray certifications for parents, veterinarian certificate, various chew items, a few day supply of puppy food (TLC dog food), and a baby receiving blanket with the littermates and mom's scent on it to ease the transition process.

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, confident Golden Retrievers Puppies adhering to the AKC standard, assuring them all suitable, loving homes.